Sashi Brown: RGIII not short-term venture for Browns

The Robert Griffin III reclamation project officially launches Sunday in Philadelphia.

RGIII begins the season in Cleveland after three years of injury, poor play and benchings in Washington. With the Browns in full-on rebuild mode -- shedding players for draft picks seemingly by the week -- the expectation is that Griffin is keeping the spot warm for a future high draft pick.

Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown dismissed the assumption that RGIII is merely a stopgap.

"To be fair to Robert, he's young in his career in terms of his development as a quarterback,'' Brown said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "We will develop him over time. He's under contract here two years, but we don't look at it as certainly just a two-year venture or a week-to-week venture.

"This is something we're going to have to stick by him, put the right pieces around him and help him learn how to play that position as well. So it's not a short-term kind of look at him.''

In April, the Browns traded the No. 2 overall pick to Philadelphia after deciding Carson Wentz wasn't the quarterback they wanted to build around. Sunday's tilt won't be a referendum on Wentz, RGIII or the trade.

"Both sides should be excited (about the trade),'' said Brown. "They went out and got a quarterback that was highly touted that has a lot of ability and potential, and we were able to position ourselves to not only get a wide receiver that we covet but also acquire some additional draft picks and build for the future. As I've said before, it's a decision that both franchises have to make.

"It was a fair trade, it was a good trade for both sides and people love to judge them on the back end. The reality is you have to judge them at the time you have to make the decision and we both felt good. Howie (Roseman) is a good friend and excellent manager of his team and look forward to seeing what Carson develops into, and what our side of the trade turns into as well.''

Too many people try to decide who "won" a trade right away. We won't know how the moves will ultimately shake out for each team for years to come. Sunday's tilt is merely one step in the journey.

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