Santonio Holmes baffled about why he's out of NFL

Santonio Holmes has been out of the NFL since November and the phone's not ringing. The former Super Bowl MVP struggles to understand how his stock has sunk so low.

"It baffles me a little to know that I'm not a part of any organization," Holmes told SI Now this week. "It is a gift and a curse at the same time. And I say that because the gift of playing and the opportunity to be a figure in the National Football League. I enjoyed my time. And the curse of having one injury in my entire career that people are now looking at me as if Santonio Holmes is not the guy anymore.

"And I think the opportunity just has to come, and the better situation for me and we will see."

That injury was a nasty Lisfranc fracture in September 2012 that necessitated two surgeries and months of grueling rehab. The Jets parted ways with the receiver last March and he struggled to find a role in the Bears' offense before his release in November.

Holmes never seemed to regain his old explosion after the injury, and his age (he turned 31 this month) and reputation for clashing with coaches and teammates makes him a tough sell. With receivers like Michael Crabtree and Greg Jennings still looking for a job, it may be a while before Holmes gets back on the radar.

Our question: Isn't Holmes a perfect candidate for the veteran combine? Would seem to be a nice match there.

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