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Sanders: It's crazy people keep talking about my age

The day before NFL free agency begins this year, Emmanuel Sanders turns 33 years old.

The San Francisco 49ers receiver believes it's a heap of codswallop that his age is a talking point in 2020.

"It's crazy how people keep talking (a)bout my age but I'm still flying past 23-year-olds and only had two drops the entire year," Sanders wrote on Twitter Tuesday night. "Keep bringing up my age to make yourself feel good but go look at the film. I'm still playing at a high level and will continue to play at a high level as long as I want (because) my heart is immeasurable and my work ethic is second to none! And this is coming from a good place. I wish nothing but love and happiness to everyone. Just think it's funny that people keep bringing it up as if it's a valid point. Lol."

After getting traded from Denver to San Francisco, Sanders played 20 games, including 17 in the regular season, last year. He compiled 869 yards and five TDs in the regular season and added 71 yards on five receptions in three postseason games for the ground-heavy Niners.

No one questions whether Sanders can still play. His route-running ability allows the veteran to gain separation from younger defenders, he understands the nuance of offenses, and his hands aren't diminishing with age.

The only reason to bring up his age is when discussing the length of any new deal, not the validity of Sanders finding a job in 2020. There is zero question he can still perform at a high level, even after overcoming several injuries.

According to Pro Football Reference, only four wide receivers 33 years of age or older caught a pass in 2019 (the fifth 33-year-old WR, DeSean Jackson, celebrated his birthday after he'd made his final catch of the season).

The ones that make it this far at Sanders' age are those that remain productive. Your Julian Edelmans, your Larry Fitzgeralds. Sanders remains productive. Should he get paid like Julio Jones? No. But Sanders could be a big piece for a team looking to add a complementary weapon to their offense that has the potential to explode at any moment for a big game. The best landing spot could very well be in San Francisco.

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