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Sanders expects to play slot in '15; Latimer to outside

Emmanuel Sanders is coming off a Pro Bowl season, but that won't stop the Broncos from tweaking his role in the offense next season.

Sanders told reporters at Broncos headquarters Monday that he expects to move inside to the slot in three-wide receiver sets this season. Promising second-year receiver Cody Latimer would line up on the outside across from Demaryius Thomas.

Sanders would essentially slide into Wes Welker's former role in three-wideout sets, with Latimer filling Sanders' old spot. We can safely assume Sanders will stay on the field in two wideout sets, a formation that could be seen with more regularity in Gary Kubiak's offense.

"I'm very comfortable in doing that because I played in the slot at Pittsburgh and a lot in college so I'm looking forward to that," said Sanders. 

Sanders is a big fan of Latimer, a 2014 second-round pick who played just 37 snaps as a rookie.

"On my Twitter, I'm vocal about Cody because I believe in Cody," he said. "Cody is a special player. He has strong hands and is a physical tool. I think this is going to be the year that he jumps onto the scene. I think he's going to have a big year and I'm happy he's on my team and in our receiver group."

In past seasons, Latimer would jump out as a breakout candidate in a Peyton Manning-led Broncos offense. This year could be different, however, with the team expected to lean harder on their running game in Kubiak's zone-blocking scheme.

Latimer is going to have a bigger role. How much bigger remains to be seen.

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