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Sanders, Brown disagree on Trent Richardson

NEW YORK -- Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown said earlier Thursday that Alabama running back Trent Richardsonlooks "ordinary" to him.

On the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall, I asked another Hall of Famer, Barry Sanders, if he agreed with the assessment.

"I see a guy built in my frame, around 5-foot-10, built very well," said Sanders, who retired as the second-leading rusher in NFL history. "He's one of those smaller guys who could be one those guys who can run inside. He ran well inside in college. Kind of reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew -- very compact who runs a lot bigger than he is."

MJD ... not ordinary.

"Playing in the SEC, the toughest conference in college football, you got to figure his chances are good of being able to come to the NFL and be an impact player," Sanders said.

Sanders also seemed to disagree with Brown's assessment that there aren't many impact running backs in the NFL right now.

"I think there's high-impact running backs, not as many," Sanders said. "But what came first, the chicken or the egg? Are there guys there that can do it, but offenses just decide to do something else? I think you can make an argument for that."

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