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Sanchez: Tebow 'camp arm' comments came off wrong

The only surprise about the following Mark Sanchez comments is that they took this long to happen.

"I think that kind of came off the wrong way," Sanchez said last week regarding his words about Tim Tebow being just a camp arm. "At least it was not exactly what I intended to say. It took on a life of its own. Listen, everybody's here for a reason. We're all working hard, trying to make each other better. Coach wanted specific guys here for specific reasons. That's up to coach. We just plug in and play."

A player complaining about getting taken out of context is as old as a player actually getting taken out of context.

But in Sanchez's defense, he never actually used the term "camp arm". That was a strong inference (on my part and on the part of many others) based on the following part of his statement: "And we needed another guy to throw while Sam's (Bradford) still recovering. So that's the reason (for the signing), at least as explained to me."

At this point, Sanchez circling back could mean one of a few things. Perhaps he saw the way the public reacted to his words and our interpretation. Perhaps he's gotten a window into how things will work and didn't want to look surprised if Tebow actually ends up on the 53-man roster.

Either way, we knew an attempt at clarity was coming from Sanchez regardless of what he meant in the first place.

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