San Diego-area lab gives up license amid DEA probe of Chargers

RSF Pharmaceuticals, a San Marcos, Calif.-based drug laboratory associated with several NFL teams, surrendered its federal registration and is "no longer authorized to obtain, distribute, possess, or manufacture controlled substances," according to a Drug Enforcement Administration affidavit obtained by the *San Diego Union-Tribune*.

The move Friday comes as the DEA investigates if the company improperly filled prescriptions for Chargers doctor David Chao, who wrote at least 108 scripts for himself since 2008. However, in a statement released Wednesday night, he denied the implication of self-use or self-prescribing of controlled substances and said he will continue to appropriately treat injuries.

According to the DEA affidavit, RSF Pharmaceuticals filled 50 prescriptions for Chao. Doctors sometimes write prescriptions to themselves to fill office supplies, but it's against the law for them to do that and for the pharmacy to honor it.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Union-Tribune that the Chargers aren't the only team that had used the lab.

"Probably half the teams or more don't use them," Aiello said. "There's no relationship our office has with the company."

Aiello added that the league annually audits teams concerning controlled substances, but he declined to comment on the DEA probe in San Diego.

"It's a federal investigation, so we're not in position to comment on it," Aiello said. "We're certainly aware of it and following developments."

Said RSF attorney Michael Lipman: "We believe that, at worst, there's some bookkeeping errors and confusion on the part of the DEA as to what happened. When it's all said and done, it will be much ado about nothing."

Former Chargers safety Kevin Ellison was arrested in May after Redondo Beach police stopped him for speeding in a school zone. Police said a search of Ellison's vehicle turned up 100 Vicodin pills, and that sparked the DEA's investigation into Chao.

Ellison, who joined the Seattle Seahawks after the Chargers waived him, pleaded not guilty to felony drug possession Wednesday at Los Angeles Superior Court.

In his statement Wednesday, Chao reiterated the Chargers' past statement that Ellison didn't receive the Vicodin from anyone associated with the team.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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