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Samuel says it's clear Eagles 'don't want me' after trade talk

It wasn't exactly a secret the cornerback-rich Philadelphia Eagles have been open to trading Asante Samuel. Now comes the backlash.

The Eaglestold teams Samuel was available leading up to the NFL trade deadline, nearly three months after team president Joe Banner discussed how the team was actively entertaining trade offers for the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback in August.

Now that the dust has settled, it's apparent the thought of being traded doesn't sit well at all with Samuel.

"I've been nothing but what they expected me to be when they brought me there," Samuel told ESPN 950-AM in Philadelphia on Saturday. "You know, 22, 23 interceptions over my years. Broke playoff records. So, definitely, it doesn't sit well with me. And obviously they don't want me there, so life goes on. So we'll see where I'll be at, ya know?"

The Eagles signed Samuel to a six-year contract on the first day of free agency in 2008, meaning he's signed through 2013. But with reported significant jumps in base salary the final two years of the deal, Samuel is believed to be the odd man out after the Eagles acquired cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in a trade during the offseason.

Samuel said the feeling of not being wanted won't impact his play.

"Well, as long as I'm getting paid I'm gonna do my job ... so whoever [is] cutting the check, I do my job ... So I'm not worried about that," Samuel said. "I just know in the back of my head they don't want me there. So, you know, that's not gonna leave. And that's obviously, they put it out there so everybody could know that, so I know that and everybody knows that."

And now everyone knows exactly where Samuel stands on the issue, as well.

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