Sam Darnold believes he's 'seeing the field really well'

It's been a campaign marked by calamity and all too many tribulations for the Jets, with the only real consistency coming in the form of defeats on the field.

Individually, quarterback Sam Darnold has been through the wringer with injuries and illness, some good times and far more bad times. A bout with mononucleosis and a Monday night comment about seeing ghosts have been forgettable instances that have clouded an already dim season.

However, despite coming off a loss to the previously winless Dolphins, Darnold believes he can see clearly now.

"The last couple weeks I've actually been seeing the field really well," Darnold said Monday (via team transcript) when asked if he'd been having difficulty making reads since the team's only win against Dallas in Week 6. "It's just not getting the same results, but I'm seeing it well. Just got to keep staying consistent with watching tape and figuring out what they're doing. It sucks to say, now that we're 1-7, but we're right there. We just got to clean up some things and we'll be OK."

Good on Darnold for taking the optimistic approach, but since his return against Dallas in which he threw for a pair of scores and 338 yards in the Jets' upset over the Cowboys, the second-season signal-caller has been woeful along with the rest of the team.

In the three games since the Dallas contest, Darnold has thrown eight interceptions, been sacked 12 times and completed 59-of-101 passes for 564 yards. The span started infamously with a horrendous performance against the Patriots. While he believes he's seeing things well, his play certainly hasn't displayed that.

"There's definitely some things that I can clean up," Darnold said. "I think just from that aspect, personally, I think I can play a little bit faster, go through reads a little bit faster and then as a team, I just think we need to keep improving. Again, we've put together drives every now and again, that we show really good things and then other times we go three-and-out. Whether it's penalties or bad decisions, that hurt us in the end. I think for us it's just about staying consistent with playing good football."

Times are tough for Darnold and the Jets, but at least by his account, things are getting clearer out there.

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