Saints make first Thanksgiving appearance

Dez Bryant leads rookies with eight TDs.

(Associated Press)

The storyline
Jason Garrett has the Cowboys in pads in practice on Wednesday's now, and voila, a two-game win streak follows. Somehow I figure they might have trouble not falling back to their old ways against this formidable foe, however.

Why you should watch
Drew Brees could carve this secondary at will. Sean Payton gets plenty excited to face his former team. Reggie Bush could return after missing two months.

Did you know?
Saints defensive end Will Smith has a sack in three consecutive games against the Cowboys. ... Brees threw five touchdowns in his only start at Dallas. ... The Cowboys have won four straight on Thanksgiving. ... Dallas' Bryan McCann is the only rookie in NFL history to score two 97-plus yard touchdowns in the same season.

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