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Saints in his sights: Veteran FB Evans expects to return

Heath Evans realizes he isn't the Saints' first priority to re-sign this offseason, but the veteran fullback believes a return to New Orleans is very likely, according to *The Times-Picayune*.

"(The Saints) were very honest with me," Evans told the newspaper Wednesday. "They said, 'We want you back, we'll make you happy. But we've got to get this (labor) deal done.' And I think (general manager) Mickey (Loomis) said, 'We're gonna offer three guys.' I was expecting that to be Pierre (Thomas), Lance (Moore), probably Roman Harper -- guys who are much more important than me. Listen, my deal will come when need be."

Evans, 32, was pleased the Saints recently gave Thomas, the team's leading rusher during its 2009 Super Bowl-winning season, a four-year contract extension last week, and he hopes the team can agree on a contract restructuring to ensure Bush's return as well.

"Pierre is the piece of that backfield that we could not afford to let go," Evans said. "He is that 1-2-3 down back that if he's healthy, I'm telling you, I'm starting my backfield with him every time. I don't know if there's another back I'm choosing.

"I don't think we can afford to let go of Reggie either. People don't realize what Reggie does for our offense. ... He is limitless in what he can bring to the table."

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