Saints can make NFL history with turnover-free game

In a move that almost certainly will kick a Saints turnover into karmic existence Sunday, it's worth noting the New Orleans are one turnover-free game away from setting an NFL record.

In fairness to ESPN reporter Mike Triplett, he acknowledges the high jinx potential here. Regardless, the statistic via Elias Sports Bureau (and confirmed by NFL Research) is interesting.

No team has gone through its first five games without a turnover, and the Saints (2-2) have the Lions standing in their way Sunday.

"Listen, it's a big emphasis," Drew Brees told ESPN. "We talk about it every game. It's the No. 1 key to victory every time we go into a game -- if you can take care of the football and end up on the plus side of the turnover ratio, you give yourself a much better chance to win."

Brees has been a big part of the sturdy start. Despite two losses, he's played quietly sensible football, with completion percentages above 70 in three of his four starts. Brees has only taken one sack per game as well, lessening the potential for a strip sack or fumble.

In light of Adrian Peterson's departure this week, I expect the Saints' offense to become far more fluid than it has been over the previous four. Without the need to shift into a Peterson-friendly formation for a few carries each game, Brees and head coach Sean Payton can now operate the way they have the previous decade. Will that lead to a more Brees-ian, 42-attempt, 300-plus yard game? Or, have the Saints finally found a happy medium between aggressive and conservative play?

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