Saints' Cam Jordan questions Big Ben's HOF resume

In the great debate of quarterbacking supremacy, statistics versus team success, or more accurately Super Bowl titles, can be a hot topic.

No matter the side you're arguing, Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan is surprised that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would end up on a list of the top-five quarterbacks of his era.

Jordan, whose 12-2 Saints host the Steelers (8-5-1) on Sunday in a marquee matchup, wondered aloud about Roethlisberger's potential presence in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or his status as a top-five quarterback in his era.

On Thursday, when posed a question in which a reporter referred to Roethlisberger as a quarterback "who might be going to the Hall of Fame," Jordan's face immediately took on an impression of shock.

"Is that true?" Jordan wondered, per a video posted by SB Nation. "Really? In this era?"

A spirited exchange followed with Jordan asking, "You put him at top five of this era?"

Then came a debated list of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning (with the reporter wondering if Peyton belong in this era).

That halted the list as Jordan explained Roethlisberger's era included the retired Manning.

"This is the era, he retired two years ago," Jordan said of Manning. "That was most of Roethlisberger's career. You're saying he's better than Philip Rivers, right now? Career-wise. Because you're giving him the Super Bowl nod."

With that, by Jordan's math, Roethlisberger checks in as the No. 7 quarterback of his era.

"I'd honestly put Eli [Manning] before I put Ben," Jordan said. "Two Super Bowls if we're going by his numbers."

Despite the doubt of Jordan, a four-time Pro-Bowler whose first year was a season after the Saints won their only Super Bowl, Roethlisberger's NFL resume is a decorated one.

The 15-year veteran has gone to three Super Bowls with two championships to show for them and is a six-time Pro Bowler who's thrown for more than 55,000 yards with 359 touchdowns. So, a trip to Canton seems likely.

A trip to New Orleans on Sunday is a certainty, though, when Jordan will be trying to track down Roethlisberger as the NFC South champions search for home-field advantage and the Steelers seek a spot in the playoffs.

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