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Ryan Tannehill taking a bigger leadership role in 2015

The Dolphins are paying quarterback Ryan Tannehill like a team captain and leader, and should be pleased that he's acting that way.

Though his desire to take over the team has never been in question, the Dolphins wrapped up their offseason activities with a tidy bow after hearing quotes like this:

"(He's) kind of taking the team on his shoulders and knowing that, hey, we've got to come out here every day and put something great together," wideout Kenny Stills told the team's website. "And if we want to have a chance of being a great team, it's going to come from him and the rest of this offense. He takes pride in that."

Tannehill, for good measure, added this:

"I think we have a lot of great leaders, but I definitely consider myself a big leader on this team," he said. "As far as the franchise, they have been great to me this offseason as far as communication through free agency, through the team last year. Obviously the contract is huge. They put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, with the contract and really taking my viewpoint and my thoughts on things throughout the offseason."

In his new role as executive vice president of football operations, Mike Tannenbaum now has everything he could ask for. The franchise quarterback is taking steps to be a leader and the big-ticket free agent is ready to play. The rookie playmaker DeVante Parker, despite an offseason surgery, is on track to make a contribution this year.

Everything is in its proper place.

Of course, this can go one of two directions quickly. With pressure mounting, an aggressive Dolphins team needs to keep this feeling going through September and October or else we'll be reading about new coaches, new players and new messages in 2016.

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