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Ryan Mallett disagrees with Texans' choice of Hoyer

Ryan Mallett lost the Houston Texans' starting quarterback job to Brian Hoyer, but that doesn't mean we won't see him on the field this season.

A dejected Mallett spoke to the media Tuesday morning and said he plans to stay ready if called upon.

"Obviously I'm disappointed and I don't agree with it but I'll be ready," the signal-caller said, via the Houston Chronicle.

Adding: "We played four quarterbacks last year. So, I'll do what I have to do to better the team."

Mallet admitted he was frustrated Bill O'Brien named Hoyer the starter.

"I don't know what else to do except work my ass off. I don't look at it as a setback. I thought I did enough to win the job," he said.

Mallett was unimpressive in his two preseason opportunities and didn't show coaches enough in practice to leap Hoyer for the starting gig.

"He disagrees (with the decision), but he's going to go to work and prepare like he's going to play, and that's what he's done," O'Brien said.

The truth is that Hoyer and Mallett were always both likely to play at some point this season. Hoyer just gets the first crack.

"I'm going to prepare like I'm starting every Sunday," Mallett said. "I can't let the team down when my number is called."

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