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Ryan Kerrigan: Redskins want to play 'spoiler'

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are battling for what will likely be one playoff spot. Meanwhile the Washington Redskins season continues to spiral into the black hole of nothingness.

However, Washington faces both the Eagles and Cowboys in its final two contests (respectively), meaning that the Redskins will certainly be a part of the playoff story.

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said the Redskins' goal will be to ruin the party plans for their NFC East rivals.

"We have a chance to be spoiler here. Both of these teams are vying for the NFC East title and we have a chance to ruin one of their seasons so hopefully we can do that," he said, per CSN Washington.

"You see these teams twice a year. Our fans don't like the other teams in the East and we don't either. This is a chance to take some positive for us by giving a negative to them."

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