Russell Wilson the 'right decision' by Seattle Seahawks

We noted a week ago that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson put together his best overall game of the season against the Carolina Panthers. It's safe to say that's no longer his best game.

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Wilson's performance Sunday in a 24-23 victory over the New England Patriots had its quiet moments in the middle of the game, but he made a huge number of plays in the first quarter and the final frame. Wilson's teammates believe it's a game that should change Seattle's approach.

"We can't go back to throwing the ball 15 times a game," Seahawks wide receiver Braylon Edwards told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. "It's a new NFL. You have to attack through the air. I mean, we can throw it and run it."

Tight end Evan Moore put it more simply: "(Wilson) can chuck the ball down the field."

Seattle will need to work on a mid-range passing game. Everything is a dump-off pass or a bomb. But Wilson undoubtedly throws a nice deep ball, and Sunday's effort should only help boost the confidence of those around him.

"That felt like a championship game. What (Wilson) did? Oh, that's biigggggg," safety Earl Thomas told Silver. "I'm pretty sure that if some guys didn't believe in him, or had any doubts, they're on the bandwagon now. He led us."

The Matt Flynn talk is going to die down for a while. Everyone's favorite big-talking cornerback, Richard Sherman, says the coaching staff made the "right decision" in choosing Wilson over Flynn.

Wilson, for his part, remains non-plussed.

"I don't ever surprise myself," Wilson told Paul Burmeister on NFL Network's "Around the League." "The main thing is, always (the) biggest thing, is being prepared. My greatest fear in life, my only fear, is not being prepared enough. I'll never be prepared enough. The main thing is preparing the best every day."

Listen to Wilson -- and his teammates for a while -- and it's hard not to become a believer.

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