Russell Wilson: Seahawks more together than ever

Winning solves everything, which is why a tight victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday allowed all of Seattle's players to pretend that there is nothing wrong inside their locker room.

"We're more together than ever, and there's no distractions for us," Russell Wilson told NFL Media's Jeff Darlington after the game.

The Seahawks quarterback has frustrated some of the players in his own locker room with his outward "good guy" attitude, according to NFL Media columnist Michael Silver. "I believe in everybody in this room, and I hope they believe in me, too, as well, and we're just together and we're just trying to win football games," Wilson told Darlington.

Added star cornerback Richard Sherman: "Until someone in this locker actually says something negative (about Wilson), we just take that with a grain of salt. Anyone can make up anything and say a source said it. I don't think anybody on this team feels that way. We support our quarterback. He fights for us every game."

Sherman's words come on the heels of a report that suggested Wilson was not "black enough" for his teammates, which also created a divide. Wilson addressed those comments as well.

"About me not being black enough, I don't even know what that means," he said. "People were trying to find ways to knock us down and distract us, but there's no doubt we're more together than ever before."

He added later: "I believe I'm an educated young male that's not perfect, but tries to do things right," Wilson said. "I try to lead by example and help others. That's all I focus on and that's all I know."

At this point, the Seahawks appear to be a team heading toward transition. Veteran running back Marshawn Lynch is entering what is almost certainly the final regular-season games of his career in Seattle. Wilson is looking to move forward with whatever players remain on his side.

But for now, Seattle is back in the win column, so all is right with the world.

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