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Russell Wilson intends to 'play until my mid-40s'

Russell Wilson is having a season for the ages, but he isn't living in the now. The 29-year-old has a plan to play long beyond this excellent year and even the next decade.

"I definitely wanna play until my mid-40s," the Seahawks quarterback told Pro Football Talk on Tuesday. "I think it's something that I've been very passionate about, and taking care of my health and really trying to dive into the longevity now.

"I'm constantly getting work and getting stretched so that way my body and be super mobile and can maneuver really well. That's really key to feel fresh every day. I have always have had a big dream of playing for a long time. So that's always key for me."

Though Wilson looks to be taking a page out of the Tom Brady playbook -- his Super Bowl XLIX counterpart has similar career goals and literally wrote the book on the matter -- Seattle's franchise star says he has drawn most of his inspiration from longtime New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, both of whom played for 20 years and won five titles with one organization.

These are lofty goals for a mid-season QB to set, especially considering how beat up Wilson is at the moment. The quarterback rarely shows up on the injury report, but he's been carrying the load for Seattle all season behind an improving but inconsistent offensive line. Through Week 13, Wilson has accounted for 82.2 percent (3,788 yards) of Seattle's offensive production, the highest percentage in the Super Bowl era.

And it's not just during this season Wilson has garnered so much attention. Since entering the NFL in 2012, Wilson has been pressured (761), hurried (384), hit (548) and sacked (233) more than any other player in the league, per NFL research.

Wilson's play is very unlike Brady's. He's a roving presence who isn't afraid to extend plays, take hits and use his body to gain that extra yard. If Wilson is to play into his 40s, he'll have to change his style of play, or at least dial it back, a la Ben Roethlisberger.

But it's hard to doubt the nano-bubble guzzling signal-caller at this point in his life. Wilson has been second-guessed his entire career, from high school through the draft process and into his sixth year in the pros. Why should anyone think Wilson isn't serious about pulling off the improbable?

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