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Rumblings are all talk: Bengals not dealing Palmer ... anywhere

This is what happens during an offseason when no NFL business is being done: The media starts manufacturing stories.

That appears to be exactly the case regarding the recent discussion about the Cincinnati Bengals trading Carson Palmer to the Miami Dolphins.

Although my good friend, Armando Salguero, has twice made the argument in the Miami Herald for the Dolphins to acquire Palmer, this story is going nowhere. But that's because Palmer is going nowhere.

Even when teams are eventually allowed to trade again, the Bengals are not going to ship Palmer to the Dolphins or any other team. Bengals owner Mike Brown is entrenched in his position of refusing to give into Palmer's trade demands. And when Brown digs in, he stays there. Anyone who has ever dealt with him in a football or business situation will tell you as much.

Could the Dolphins or another team make a ridiculous offer, such as a couple of premium picks, to force Brown to change his mind? Sure. But that offer isn't coming. Regardless of how desperate another team might be for a veteran quarterback -- and a bunch of them are -- giving up a first- and a third-round pick, or a second-round pick, or even a pair of seconds for Palmer is never going to happen.

No general manager worth his salt is going to give up anything of substance for a player taking a trade-me-or-I'll-retire stance with his current team. We're not talking about Kevin Kolb, who has far more upside as a quarterback. The Eagles aren't desperate to deal Kolb but probably will because another team is likely to make them an offer they can't refuse. We're also not talking about Donovan McNabb, whom the Redskins seem ready to let go for a couple of gift certificates to Mike Shanahan's favorite restaurant.

When it comes to trading for Palmer, you wait until Brown becomes so fed up with dealing with the insubordination that he lets him go for a mid- or lower-round choice, or simply cuts him.

This is a game of chicken. Brown isn't about to blink.

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