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Round 2 up next in all-time NFL tournament

Help us determine the greatest NFL team ever. has picked the 64 best teams of the Super Bowl era, and throughout the month of March we're asking you to cast your votes as we go round by round through our bracket to determine the fans' selection as the greatest team of all time.

Round 1 of NFL Bracketology has now been played, and the action was unforgettable (the imaginary hitting between the 1976 Oakland Raiders and the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, was exhilarating).

Nevertheless, the impostors have now been cast aside, and we're left with some intriguing matchups in Round 2.

The marquee contest has to be the 1972 Miami Dolphins vs. the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Just imagining this game makes us want to tackle somebody. If you like it when dynasties clash, how about the 2003 New England Patriots vs. the 1992 Dallas Cowboys? And you'd better get your bratwurst ready when the 1985 Chicago Bears take on the 1966 Green Bay Packers.

Now don't get us started about the metaphysical impossibility of the '74 Steelers vs. the '79 Steelers -- the point of this whole exercise is not to quibble with the laws of nature, but to get to the bottom of a question always burning in the minds of football fans everywhere: What is the greatest team ever?

So log on and cast your vote by **5 p.m. on Monday, March 19**. After that, it's on to the Sweet Sixteen.

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