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Rosenhaus: Josh Gordon 'still has a very bright future'

Josh Gordon isn't giving up on his NFL career.

Currently in exodus from the Cleveland Browns while serving his minimum one-year suspension, the Pro Bowl wideout remains hopeful about returning to the field next season, according to his agent.

"With Josh, he's hanging in there," Drew Rosenhaus told The Plain Dealer over the weekend. "He's biding his time. It's a difficult process and it's meant to be difficult, obviously. But I've got faith in him and he'll get through this tough time and he still has a very bright future in the NFL in my opinion."

Rosenhaus told the newspaper that Gordon has spent plenty of time with his teammates away from the facility, which he's forbidden from entering during his ban for multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy.

"The players on this team really care about Josh," Rosenhaus said. "(Cornerback) Joe Haden's been great to him and so have all of his friends on the team. That's really meant a lot to Josh during this difficult time."

Rosenhaus noted that Gordon is being tested by the NFL up to 10 times per month, saying: "It's been about four months and we're just trying to get him through this year."

Gordon remains an absolute wild-card performer for Cleveland. After emerging statistically as the best wideout in the league two seasons ago, he played in just five games last year and won't be around to help the squad's undermanned group of pass-catchers in 2015.

Were he a lesser talent, the Browns would have moved on long ago. At just 24, though, Gordon could help Cleveland for years to come if he can deep-six the extracurricular antics.

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