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Rookie Bowl: Russell Wilson and RG3 face off

Superstar QB Russell Wilson leads Seattle to Washington for the Rookie Bowl in Sunday's playoff between the 'Hawks and 'Skins. Which Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate is better?

Leave it to you to make me pick against Russell Wilson. Man's gotta do what he's gotta do, and I gotta go with the reigning Heisman winner, the rookie who actually made the Pro Bowl.

I love RG3 at home but it's hard for me not to go with Wilson. Since Week 9, he's got 16 TDs and two picks. Plus, the Seahawks are one of the scariest teams on the planet right now.

I have to go with the guy who got his team from 5 wins to 9, not the guy who landed softly with a 7-win juggernaut.

Oh, that third round, Little Engine That Could guy you've been luvvin' up all season? The guy who had to earn his gig over Matt Flynn, the $$$ free agent? That's a soft landing for sure.

Wilson is a great athlete. My guy? World class. Bad knee? The guy averaged more than 10 yards a carry yesterday. Your guy? A mere 5.8.

Oh, he stinks then. Speaking of running, the Redskins haven't faced many mobile QBs. Wilson is no Tony Romo.

You want to talk passing? Believe me, I know how hot Wilson is. Let me remind you he did the near-impossible yesterday, posting a passer rating of 136.3 - despite being sacked 6 times.

HOWEVUH…There are two Russell Wilsons. The guy who plays at home in Seattle has a passer rating of, oh, 123. On the road? Subtract 40 points.

Wilson's defense plays well everywhere. You think RG3 is going to okey-doke Seattle's D? This game is about matchups. I like RG3, but moving the ball against Seattle is going to be rough.

This game's in Washington, right? Goodnight, pally.

It is, on the same size field that Seattle plays on in the Great Northwest.

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