Ron Rivera completes last round of cancer treatment

Ron Rivera's team is celebrating its second Victory Monday this season, and though it's only Washington's second sweet-tasting start of the week, it's unique for the best of reasons.

Rivera completed his last cancer treatment Monday, less than 24 hours after his Washington team trounced the Dallas Cowboys, 25-3.

Rivera's Monday accomplishment completes seven weeks of treatment for squamous cell cancer, with which the coach announced he'd been diagnosed in August. As is common with cancer patients who complete their treatment, nurses, doctors and staff lined the hallway to cheer on Rivera, with some tossing confetti over his head as he walked out and stopped to ring the bell to mark the completion of his treatment.

This isn't the end of the road for Rivera, who will still have to attend follow-up appointments and undergo scans to monitor his progress in the weeks ahead, but it is a milestone for him as he fights cancer while also spending his first season as the head coach in Washington. He'll get to celebrate two wins Monday.

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