Romo returns as Cowboys face brash Jets

Why to watch
Tony Romo returns from a lost 2010 season and the Cowboys attempt to do the same. Is Dez Bryant the real deal? Can Felix Jones hold up? Will losing out on Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency doom that shaky secondary? As for the Jets, we get Plaxico Burress returning to the NFL from incarceration and an overhauled receiving group in all. Mark Sanchez tries to take the next step and Darrelle Revis, back from an injury-riddled 2010, is on a mission.

Inside story
Rex Ryan vs. Rob Ryan. You have to love this. Their daddy, Buddy Ryan, is putting off cancer surgery to watch this thing unfold. Two creative, aggressive defensive minds meet with family bragging honor at stake. You have to think both will have some tricks up their sleeve and if nothing else, the postgame press conferences will be epic.

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