Romo recalls boozy DeMarco sales pitch on team bus

What happens on Jerrah Bus stays on Jerrah Bus. Usually.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo broke Big D omertà during a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping this week in Austin. Romo was asked about DeMarco Murray leaving the Cowboys, a move Romo admitted hurt him enough that it took two days to place a congratulatory call to the reigning Offensive Player of the Year.

The best part of the interview, however, comes when Romo explains his inebriated sales pitch aboard the ubiquitous Cowboys luxury bus after the Pro Bowl in January. Romo proves himself a skilled and likable orator, so let's just have Antonio take it away.

"We're talking I'm trying to actually push the envelope for keeping DeMarco. ... We had actually had a few drinks at the time and so there were some passionate speeches going on about what you wanted to do. One of them is my own. I looked over at Stephen (Jones), who's probably going to take over for Jerry one day as the owner.

"I said, 'Stephen, you've got 25, 30 years left to go win championships.' I look over and Jason (Garrett) and go, 'You're the next Tom Landry. You've got 25, 30 years left to go win championships.' And I didn't know what I was saying at the time, but I'm like, 'Me and Jerry we got like four or five years left only!"

The line draws big laughs from Kimmel and the studio audience.

Romo continued: "I was trying to push the envelope like we needed to bring DeMarco and everybody back but I didn't realize I'm basically telling him, 'You're going to die!' That was not my intent, I hope you know that Jerry."

It remains a life goal to board Jerrah Bus, plug my iPod into an auxiliary line, gossip, and knock back multiple whisky drinks. I would refrain, however, from telling the owner of said bus when he will shuffle off this mortal coil.

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