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Roger Goodell: Vote on potential team relocation nears

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media Wednesday in New York following the Fall League Meeting, providing updates on the league's quest to enter the Los Angeles market, among other topics.

"Obviously there are two potential solutions in Los Angeles as you know," Goodell said referencing the dueling stadium plans. "I think it's very positive that we have two alternatives, we have three teams that are interested that have been struggling to get stadiums built in their own communities for not just several years but decades.

"There's a recognition that needs to get resolved in the long term. I think the ownership was very thoughtful today. They expressed, obviously, a great deal of concern for the community where these teams are playing now, wanting to continue to be there and be successful long term but also recognizing that we need to find long-term solutions here. I think there's also interest in being back in the entertainment capital of the world. But we have to do that right."

In short: We're no closer to finding out whether the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders or St. Louis Rams could be moving to Los Angeles. Still, Goodell said he expects the league to come to a vote on the matter, and that vote could come as early as January. NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman later told reporters the league and owners are working toward a vote in January.

Some other takeaways from Goodell's news conference:

» Goodell addressed the proliferation of daily fantasy sports, and stressed that the league wanted to make sure fans are "protected" and the companies are acting responsibly.

"The first thing we do is protect the integrity of the game, as I just mentioned. Fantasy football -- and I draw a distinction on this, season-long fantasy and daily fantasy -- because season-long fantasy has been around for quite a while. ... States are the ones that make the determinations about whether something is legal or not legal. We follow the law, and we will do that.

"We feel a cautious approach is the right way. But we're protecting our game. And daily fantasy, it's hard to see the influence it can have on the outcome of a game because individual players are picking different players from different teams, mashing them up ... it's not based on the outcome of the games, which is our biggest concern, so our position continues to be that way.

» Goodell said the league is "very excited" about the impact the new extra-point rules have had. He also noted the rule's impact on two-point conversions. Goodell also said that the league is monitoring the increase in penalties and pace of play that have occurred this year.

» The Commissioner was asked why the league continues to fight the Tom Brady decision. He said it's about protecting the league's rights under the collective-bargaining agreement. He noted the league has the authority to discipline and are not in favor of third-party arbitration.

» The owners have discussed the idea of reducing the preseason from four games.

» Speaking of this week's controversial missed call in Seattle, Goodell indicated it's safe to say the league will review its replay procedures. But he noted there are a "lot of obstacles to having every play reviewed."

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