Rodney Harrison: Geno Smith, Jets might win 5 games

Count Rodney Harrison as one non-believer in the Jets following their aggressive offseason of spending.

The former Patriots safety and current NBC analyst believes the Jets will remain an AFC East doormat in 2015 if they stick with Geno Smith as their quarterback.

"The Jets are, all of a sudden, on a high thinking they're going to win a championship," Harrison said on NBC Sports Radio, per ESPN. "You're not going to win a championship, you're not even going to make the playoffs, because you don't have a quarterback. If you go into the season and you're expecting Geno Smith to improve, it's not going to happen. He might get a little better, but when times get tough, when adversity hits, guess what he's going to do? He's going to fold just like the last couple years."

I really wish Harrison wouldn't beat around the bush. So do you like Geno Smith or not?

"I don't believe in Geno Smith. I think this is a huge mistake. Hopefully in this draft, they try to address this quarterback situation, because if they go into the season with Geno Smith they might win five or six games."

Harrison added that he agreed with Bill Belichick's decision not to re-sign Darrelle Revis, who left New England to sign a lucrative deal with the Jets.

"Bill, he's not going to sell the farm for Darrelle Revis, because as good as Darrelle is, you know in a year or two maybe Darrelle is not going to be quite the same player he was this past season for the New England Patriots."

Harrison has been known to carry the Patriots' water in his role as an analyst, but his points on Smith are far from baseless. Smith has been wildly inconsistent in two years as a starter, a reality that makes the Jets a boom-or-bust proposition if he keeps the job.

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