Rodgers' third Hail Mary is best of Wild Card Weekend

We've come to expect this from Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers quarterback's third Hail Mary touchdown toss in 13 months topped Wild Card Weekend's Top "Performance Moments of the Week", presented by Bridgestone.

You know the play, how it develops, how the ball sails and falls into the waiting arms of someone in green and gold. You know it because it's happened twice already, and you know it because you can't believe it happens every time it does.

This time around, Rodgers' last-second, half-field heave to the heavens gave the Packers an eight-point lead and changed the trajectory of the game set by Green Bay's disappointing first half.

A six-man offensive line held off four Giants pass rusher for four seconds, long enough fo Rodgers to accurately pinpoint the proper speed, angle and destination of his launch. The pass Rodgers tossed hung in the air for an eternity as receivers and defenders swarmed to the goal line. Somehow, Randall Cobb snuck to the back of the pack, out of position but in the right place at the right time.

When the pigskin gave way to gravity, it landed past all other bodies and into Cobb's hands just one yard from the backline. The wideout got his knee down, Lambeau succumbed to bedlam and Rodgers added another magic moment to his storied career.

Also on the countdown: Doug Baldwinsteals his teammate's touchdown... and holds onto his butt. ... What can't Antonio Brown do for you?

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