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Roddy White: I don't think we'll throw 30, 40 times

The Falcons didn't get much from their run game in 2014, a recurring storyline for the franchise in recent seasons. Atlanta wants to change that under new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

"I just don't think we're going to go out there and throw it 30, 40 times a game like we did in the past," said wide receiver Roddy White, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. "I'm not saying that we didn't like that, but it's going to be different. We have to get back to our old (style) where we run the football. Play-action passes and convert on third downs."

It's a good theory, but it remains to be seen if the Falcons have the right pieces in the backfield to implement a balanced offensive attack. The team will enter training camp with Devonta Freeman and third-round pick Tevin Coleman in line as the primary ball-carriers. The rushers will operate in the zone-blocking scheme Shanahan has previously leaned on in Houston, Washington and Cleveland.

White doesn't have any issues with less balls coming his way.

"I've never concerned myself about that," White said. "When we had Mike Mularkey (as offensive coordinator), we ran the ball and we found ways to get me the ball. I never worry about passes or things like that. My opportunities are going to come. I just have got to hold onto the ball and make my plays when I have to make them."

With White, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan in the mix, the Falcons are still going to throw the ball plenty. It remains their strength. But finding some balance wouldn't be a bad thing. The Falcons haven't had a primary back average four yards per carry since Michael Turner in 2011.

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