Robinson: Romo 'will be a distraction' to Dak Prescott

Tony Romo's heartfelt speech this week struck a chord as the veteran conceded the starting quarterback duties to Dak Prescott.

The speech was intended to help streamline the process and banish some of the "what if" questions for the Cowboys, thereby cleaning up some of the distractions for the rookie quarterback.

Not everyone believes Romo, who is active for the first time this season today, can wish away the commotion.

On NFL Network's NFL GameDay First, Michael Robinson, an ex-Seahawk who was around when Russell Wilson ran away with the starting gig as a rookie, believes Romo's presence as a backup will always be a distraction.

"I just think that whether he wants to believe it or not, he will be a distraction to Dak," Robinson said. "I mean at some point, Dak will go through the rookie issues, he will mess up. If Tony Romo was available in that Philadelphia game through three quarters of struggling, what would have happened? You know what I mean? To me with Tony not being dressed you don't even put your coaches in that situation, but I get (Romo's speech), he's healthy this was his team. What happens when adversity comes?"

That Prescott has already gone through a modicum of struggles and fought his way back to lead the Cowboys to wins should help the coaching staff from considering shortening the leash.

"I understand Dak is saying all the right things, all the right things," Robinson added. "But when he gets by himself, when he's in his own quiet moments, he's thinking there is a guy, that he knows can win football games, that's sitting right behind him."

At this point, aside from Prescott turning into Blaine Gabbert or getting injured, Romo's presence as a backup will be more media fodder than a disturbance in the force.

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