Robert Mathis returns to his roots at McNair High

The Super Bowl XLI ring Robert Mathis earned was in Indianapolis, but the roots of the championship were in Georgia.

Mathis returned home to Atlanta recently to visit McNair High School, where he participated in the NFL's Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program.

Mathis credits his time at McNair as pivotal in his development. Going back, he participated in a school assembly and addressed students on what high school football meant to him, the life lessons he learned, what it meant to play in a Super Bowl and how proud he is to be a McNair alumnus.

"Somebody planted the seed for me. So you have to turn around and plant the seed for the next generation," said Mathis. "I always come back home, McNair here is my home."

To cap off the visit, he presented a Wilson Golden Football to McNair High School principal, Loukisha Walker. In addition to visiting his school, Mathis stopped by his hometown church and reminisced about how he used to sing alongside his late mother and the positive impact she had on him both as a person and athlete.

McNair High School is one of 14 high schools in Atlanta being honored in Super Bowl High School Honor Roll Program. The state of Georgia will receive 131 golden footballs. The state receiving the most golden footballs is California. Top five states include: California (432); Texas (326); Florida (218); Ohio (155); and Pennsylvania (148).

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