Robert Griffin III: Redskins want me to be ordinary

Robert Griffin III has entered a make-or-break year with the Washington Redskins.

The former second-overall pick struggled to adjust as a more traditional pocket passer in his first year under Jay Gruden, and his coach isn't changing the gameplan now. Griffin can either learn how to play effectively in a more traditional system -- or he can pack his bags and become someone else's reclamation project.

Griffin seems to understand what's at stake.

"They are not asking me to be Superman," Griffin told's Peter King after practice on Friday. "They are asking me to be basic and take the plays that are there. If that's what Jay wants me to do, that's what I am going to do. It doesn't mean you take everything out of your game.

"When those opportunities come up to make plays out of the pocket I will do it and not think twice about it. But if they are asking me to do the ordinary, that's what I am going to have to do."

On the surface, that closing sentence seems like another goober one-liner from the same guy who famously taught us the true meaning of the "grind."

But if you can get past how passive aggressive Griffin's comment may read, there's plenty of logic behind the words. The Redskins aren't asking Griffin to be Superman anymore, which is probably a good thing because Griffin might no longer be blessed with superhero abilities.

What Griffin needs to be is proficient, healthy, and coachable. If that happens, he might just beat the odds and find renewed success in Washington. And if not? He'll be someone's backup next year, waiting for another chance that might not come.

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