Robert Griffin III deserving of No. 15 spot on 'Top 100'

Thank you, NFL players.

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You've disappointed me on a high level throughout NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2013" countdown. Some of your judgment just hasn't made sense. Dennis Pitta over Jimmy Graham? Not even the Pitta family could get behind that one.

But credit where credit's due: Robert Griffin III at No. 15 is a fair spot that properly calibrates the Washington Redskins quarterback's limitless potential.

Not everyone agrees Griffin should be this high just one season into his career. To which I reply: What did we see last season that made you think Griffin will plateau or regress?

Griffin's debut campaign was remarkable. He threw for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns with a 65.6 completion percentage. He ran for 815 yards, a rookie rushing record at his position. He pushed the ball downfield with regularity, but finished with just six interceptions.

There's more. Griffin led his team on a season-ending seven-game winning streak that gave the Redskins their first division crown in 13 years. You can make the argument there's no way they lose to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs if not for the knee injury.

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Yeah, yeah, the knee injury. Health might be the only thing that keeps Griffin from greatness. It's certainly a concern, but everything points toward Griffin being ready and on the field for Week 1.

So yes, it's fair to list Griffin among the top five quarterbacks in football, which is likely where he'll end up on this list. It might not be long before he's considered No. 1.

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