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Rob Gronkowski has no love for Justin Bieber curse

If the Justin Bieber curse is indeed real, the Patriots are doing everything in their power to ignore it. Or, maybe they're ignoring it because it's a meaningless piece of internet minutiae.

Bieber famously appeared in the Steelers' bible study the night before an embarrassing loss to the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

He was then seen hanging out with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski this week following a Clippers game. Gronkowski was asked about the curse, and whether or not he's worried about it leading to a loss in San Diego.

"We're just on to San Diego," Gronkowski replied, via "We're just worried about the Chargers, man."

Gronkowski was much more illuminating Thursday when talking about playing against Antonio Gates, one of his idols growing up.

"Whenever you see a tight end of that caliber playing every single week -- what is this, his 12th year? -- and going out there every week and making a huge impact and making huge plays and looking like he's in his early-20s still, it's unbelievable," he said. "Obviously he knows what he's doing. He's a player to look up to, no doubt about that. It'll be cool to talk to him and learn what he's done the whole time to keep playing and keep playing at that high level."

In a way, it was interesting to see Gronkowski brush aside questions about his party-hard lifestyle and hear him open up about a technician he appreciates. While we don't want Gronkowski to change any time soon, we would like to see him adopt some of Gates' tactics so he can remain in the league a little longer. Watching him play has been a treat this season.

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