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Rob and Rex Ryan possibly mixed up at birth

Is there a chance the Bills actually hired Rob Ryan to be their head coach for the next five years?

Rex -- or at least the person we believe to be Rex -- has many tall tales about him and his twin brother, Saints defensive coordinator Rob, dating back to the time they were young.

But the latest from the Buffalo News might take the cake.

Here's an excerpt:

The twins' birth certificates show Rex was born five minutes ahead of Rob. But there is no guarantee which one truly is which.

*The Bills' new coach might actually be Rob. The Saints' defensive coordinator might actually be Rex. *

There's a good chance Buddy and Doris Ryan mixed them up. On multiple occasions.

For a while, Rex and Rob were identified as Baby A and Baby B in the hospital.

"The nurse would take one away when I was done feeding and bring me the other one," Doris Ryan said, "and I'd swear, 'I think I just fed this baby?'"

As long as they were switched an even number of times. If not...

"I would've had a better name," Rex said. "We've laughed about it before. I probably really am Rob, and he's Rex. Isn't that funny, though? Who knows?"

If that doesn't provide an Inception-like moment for you this Father's Day, I'm not sure what will. Rex is Rob. Rob is Rex.

Either way, the News' profile of Ryan, linked above, is well worth your time. It may help you sort all of this confusion out.

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