Rivers: Preseason is most overanalyzed 10 plays ever

For many veteran players, preseason games are meaningless necessities.

So while fans are ecstatic about the return of football, not everyone enjoys these preparation games.

"To me, the preseason is the most over-analyzed 10 plays or whatever it is -- ever," Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said, via the San Diego Union-Tribune.

For Rivers, it's mainly about sample size. Ten to 15 plays isn't enough to surmise how an offense will look in a normal game in which it takes around 60 snaps.

"If these plays are really good," he added, "that doesn't mean we're an awesome team yet. If they're terrible, that doesn't mean we're not gonna be awesome."

Rivers' point is well taken. We shouldn't put a ton of stock in preseason games. We look for positive traits in players that can carry over to the regular seasons and how players coming off injury look in their few snaps.

For many players battling for roster spots or starting jobs, however, the preseason is vital. There are a litany of stories in NFL history about players who made the team with a good preseason performance and became regular contributors. Don't tell Trevor Siemian the preseason isn't worth anything either. The seventh-round pick could swipe the starting quarterback job for the defending Super Bowl champion with a few more solid outings.

The preseason might be overhyped, annoying to some fans and brutal to teams when key players get injured. It's also a necessity for players on the roster bubble and preparing for the season.

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