Riveron: Bobby Wagner committed a foul on FG block

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner's crucial field goal block against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday should not have counted.

Al Riveron, the NFL's senior vice president of officiating, explained in the league's weekly officiating video that Wagner used his teammates to leverage himself while leaping over the line of scrimmage, which is a violation. Wagner proceeded to deflect Dan Bailey's 47-yard attempt with 5:46 remaining in the fourth quarter.

"In this case this is a foul," Riveron said. "Watch No. 54, he is on the line of scrimmage, and also stationary, but he is going to put both hands on a teammate, and he is going to use his teammates to leverage himself to get to the other side. And again, if you use your teammates and/or an opponent ... to help you get to the other side ... or an attempt to block a kick ... that is a foul. Incidental contact is not considered a foul."

An official initially threw a flag on the play, but upon review it was determined there was no infraction. The Seahawks, which led 6-0 at the time, drove the length of the field for their first touchdown on the ensuing possession and eventually won, 21-7.

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