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Riddell gaining attention with new Speedflex, updated technology

Study after study in recent years have said there is no football helmet that can stop concussions. However, Riddell is getting a lot of media attention for its new Speedflex helmet and some have said it will cut down on head injuries.

Business Insider via SB Nation examined the Speeflex helmet, which it says could be the helmet that stems the concussion crisis.

What makes the helmet so special? Besides introducing a new chinstrap system and a redesigned interior padding, the Speedflex added InSite, an electronic alert system based on the HIT system monitoring greater impact hits.

The helmet has been debuted to a limited number of colleges for 2014. It won't be officially released until 2015. And it has yet to be tested in the respected Virginia Tech helmet ratings.

However, Stefan Duma, who led the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest study on helmet design released in January, said the InSite system is not appropriate for their group to study.

The Oregonian also looked at the Speedflex and array of colleges that already have signed up to use them while Husker Corner looked at how the helmets could help Nebraska.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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