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Richard Sherman's next challenger: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The good news: No NFL cornerback has publicly challenged Richard Sherman in the last 72 hours. The bad news: This changes if you open up the field to decorated NASCAR drivers.

Our latest adventure in Sherman Baiting began innocently enough. On Friday, Sherman sent out the following tweet at the conclusion of the Seahawks' offseason program:

The statement led, naturally, to spirited social media debate. Many "12s" (these are Seahawks fans for the uninitiated) got behind their star cornerback while plenty others shared their disagreement. One of those dissenting opinions came from none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr., the two-time Daytona 500 winner and son of the "The Intimidator".

Earnhardt inadvertently opens up an entirely separate debate about where race car drivers fit in the spectrum of professional athletes. I will withhold my opinion for fear of violent retribution. Please share your thoughts on NFL vs. NASCAR in the comment section. Be nice to each other.

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