Richard Sherman promises to quiet Seahawks' pundits

Richard Sherman, you're on our radar.

After the Seattle Seahawks cornerback embarked on a trash-talking spree targeting Tom Brady and his New England Patriots on Sunday, Sherman set his sights on NFL Network.

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will re-air the Seattle Seahawks' 24-23 win over the New England  Patriots in Week 6 on Tuesday, Oct. 16

at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Seattle's win was viewed as a stunner, but Sherman told KCPQ-TV the media has been slow to the draw.

"It's not a shock for us, we believe we have a great ballclub, we believe we can play with anybody," Sherman said. "You know, NFL Network and all these pundits think they know everything. Well, we keep shutting them up week by week by week. We are playing great.

"They thought (New England) was the greatest ballclub to step on the earth. They are 3-3, .500. I don't know what great ballclub is 3-3. We got great players. Me and Earl (Thomas) walked up to (Brady) and we said, 'We are greater than you. We are better than you. You're just a man. We are a team. We are a team, you are a single man.' "

Sherman has a point, but some observers were excited about the Seahawks' defense well before the season. (Here's where we somewhat shamelessly note that Gregg Rosenthal had Seattle pegged as the NFC West champion. Yours truly saw the Seahawks as a wild card, and so did our friend, Dave Dameshek. There's plenty of love for Seattle within these walls.)

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The Monday night debacle -- which feels like a year ago -- deflected attention away from the mountain of abuse the Seahawks' defense heaped on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Now they've beaten the Patriots. The Seahawks are an engaging narrative, and their Thursday showdown with the San Francisco 49ers can't come a minute too soon. These are the two best teams in the NFC West, and Sherman would like a little recognition.

"I am pretty jacked, I am pretty jacked," he said. "I wish I was going on NFL Network to tell them all exactly how I feel, but I don't get a chance. If ya'll could, let them know, that would be great."

We can arrange it.

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