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Richard Sherman laughs off 'little' Chargers' remarks

Multiple San Diego Chargers claimed that Richard Shermanhad been "exposed" after Philip Rivers completed some passes in the direction of the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Sunday.

Sherman leaned on social media to return fire that night. On Wednesday, he came back at San Diego wide receiver Keenan Allen, who said Sherman was a "normal guy and not a shutdown corner."

"You know, when a guy wants his name in the paper, he's gotta say something crazy," Sherman said Wednesday, according to "It's humorous. I guess he wants something to tell his grandkids: 'Remember the day I caught a couple of balls on Richard Sherman? No touchdowns, but I caught a few.'"

Sherman continues to dispute the notion that the Chargers thrived against him. Rivers threw at Sherman at least four times in the first two and a half quarters, completing all four passes for 56 yards.

"I played pretty well," Sherman said. "But it's really funny that two little Chargers say I was exposed. One had 50 yards (Allen had five receptions for 55 yards), and one had 60 (Eddie Royal had seven receptions for 69 yards). It makes you laugh."

Something tells us this isn't the last time we'll hear an opposing team challenge the notion that Sherman is an unstoppable shutdown corner. Sherman helped build the legend with his play and his mouth. Now he has to defend it -- possibly on a weekly basis.

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