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Richard Sherman irked by Seahawks' goal-line throws

SEATTLE -- Richard Sherman, star Seahawks cornerback, is not so different than your average Seahawks fan or Thomas Rawlsfantasy football owner.

"I'm upset about us throwing from the 1 (yard line)," Sherman told reporters when asked to explain his sideline blowup Thursday night at offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Sherman was not pleased that the Seahawks repeatedly threw the ball on the goal line in an otherwise comfortable, if bizarre, division-clinching win over the Los Angeles Rams. Sherman was spotted yelling at Bevell. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll went to speak with Sherman on the sideline.

The fact that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson eventually had a successful 1-yard touchdown throw on the drive in question hardly appeased Sherman.

"I'd rather do what most teams do and make a conscientious decision to run the ball," Sherman said with a smile. "I was letting (Bevell) know ... We've seen that and I'm sure you guys have seen that play enough times."

Sherman wouldn't expound on what Bevell said to him, but said that Bevell "came up to" him. Carroll downplayed the dust-up, saying that he appreciated Sherman's passion.

Carroll met with Sherman on Friday morning to talk about the incident, saying he felt "really good" about Sherman after speaking with him. Still, Carroll said he needed to address the issue with Sherman and said the All-Pro cornerback is still "growing."

For his part, Sherman wasn't worried Thursday night about how these sideline stories make him look.

"I could care less. Good thing I'm a villain. It's not going to kill my perception," Sherman said.

That's especially true when he's making such a salient point.

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