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Rice: I couldn't have made the Beckham catch

By now, Odell Beckham Jr.'s circus catch against the Dallas Cowboys is firmly cemented in modern NFL lore. But what do some of the all-time receiving greats have to say about the feat?

On Thursday, Hall of Famer Jerry Rice weighed in on last season's iconic grab. When asked if he could have made the same incredible play as Beckham, Rice responded with the following: "No, no I don't think so," he told HuffPost Live. "I always had confidence in my hands, and that was something I worked on. But for him to be able to turn his body and still extend like that -- that's a gift" (via NY Daily News).

This is an interesting thing to pause and consider. Jerry Rice may very well be the greatest receiver of all time, but how exactly does his athleticism stack up against today's receivers? Rice may not have been born with the size of Calvin Johnson or the athleticism of OBJ, but he was a deadly enough combination of both. While his physical gifts may be considered pedestrian in this day and age of football, his intangibles remain second to none. Rice's hands, route-running and speed combined to make him the most respected pass catcher in NFL history. And for all the millennials who are skeptical, feast your eyes:

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