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RGIII will continue to work with QB guru Tom House

Robert Griffin III's work with renowned quarterback guru Tom House this offseason has led some to believe that we might be seeing more of the quarterback that blazed through his rookie season back in 2012.

If nothing else, there is hope that he has marginally improved as a pocket passer.

"You want to work with guys that have worked with the greats," Griffin said, via "Me personally and every guy in that locker room, we're not working to be average or good. We want to be great. So he's worked with Brady and Brees and a load of other guys, and they've seen success. So I wanted to take on that challenge and challenge myself to be great and try to work with a guy that knows how to make that happen."

House's client list includes Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Alex Smith and Tim Tebow. In recent years, he's also taken on Andy Dalton, AJ McCarron and Terrelle Pryor, bringing the obvious Hue Jackson connections full circle.

Of course, working with a guru doesn't make a player like all the others he has worked with in the past. The positive for Browns fans to take away is what House provides. Griffin's throwing motion was scanned and digitized. House specializes in motion analysis and the rebuilding of a motion from the ground up.

As Griffin puts it:

"Being an NFL quarterback is not easy, but if it was easy everyone would do it. So the process of how to take care of your body, how to take care of your arm, how to take care of your mind and set goals each day (is vital). It sounds simple, but when you have a thousand things that are running through your head, protections, formations, plays, reads, (House) teaches you how to manage that, and then he's a guru when it comes to arm mechanics and things like that and how to keep your shoulder healthy. So all that stuff's been really, really helpful."

It's good to hear Griffin talking about his skill set with tangible confidence again. Maybe that's really the major benefit House is providing here. Jackson understood that Griffin would be a reclamation project, but a major part of that was self-confidence. Griffin's massive fall from grace in Washington was enough to derail even the best

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