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RGIII's accuracy questioned by NFC personnel director

Chris Wesseling pointed out on Friday's "Around The League Podcast" that Robert Griffin III has led the Washington Redskins to only one first-half touchdown all season.

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On a bit of a rant, our pal Wess drew a parallel between RGIII and Carson Palmer, calling Griffin a master of garbage time in 2013.

Griffin relied on his legs last week against the Dallas Cowboys more than he has all year, taking off nine times for 77 yards, but mobility isn't his only hurdle. RGIII has struggled with accuracy, completing just 59.8 percent of his passes after looking so sharp through the air as a rookie.

In his weekly notebook, NFL Media's Albert Breer dug into Griffin's slow start. Three weeks after Green Bay Packers players told Breer they were determined to get defenders around Griffin's feet in Week 2 -- to create second-guessing in his movements -- opponents have followed suit.

One NFC personnel director told Breer that teams are testing RGIII's legs post-surgery and successfully causing him to show inconsistency in the pocket.

"He's not very good throwing outside the numbers or reading coverages," the front-office source said.

It's surprising because RGIII's accuracy was such an underrated aspect of his ascendant play last season. Chalk it up to a player still getting his sea legs and facing defenses now armed with plenty of game tape. It's too early to judge Griffin's season, but it isn't too early to wonder when he'll again set fire to the field. Five games in, we're still waiting.

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