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RGIII on Browns arrival: 'I just want to play ball, man'

Robert Griffin III hasn't taken a meaningful snap in the NFL since December 2014. Meeting with the media for the first time since signing with the Browns, the quarterback expressed his desire to finally take his career out of neutral.

"I just want to play ball, man," he said Wednesday at Browns headquarters. "I'm excited to be here. Last year, I didn't have an opportunity to play football so to have that opportunity here to compete and grow, it's truly a blessing."

Griffin was asked what it was like to spend last season on the bench in Washington as Kirk Cousins worked his way toward being the Redskins' $20 million man.

"Have you ever been able to not write?" Griffin asked the reporter. "It's one of those things you love to do something so much and when that's stripped away from you one of two things could happen. You can either tank it and allow it to break you or you can let it build you up and show you that you really love this game.

"I'm not trying to let any baggage hold me down from my past, but I do have a massive chip on my shoulder. I know this team has a massive chip on its shoulder."

Was Griffin humbled by the events of the past three seasons?

"If you say you're humble, then you're not humble, so I can't say that."

Griffin said he felt blessed to have his opportunity in Cleveland, and made a point to express his excitement to new teammates.

"I know the history, a little bit of Cleveland, and guys sometimes don't want to come here," he said. "I wanted to come here. I wanted to come here. I want to be here and I want them to know that. They call this the Land, so we're going to make this ours and really give these fans what they deserve."

Griffin kept the RGIII-isms to a minimum (only one "No pressure, no diamonds!"), which is very wise. He has a chance at a fresh start. We'll find out if he can make the most of it.

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