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RGIII not cleared to play after neurologist revisits data

After further review, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will not be available to play in the team's third preseason game Saturday because of his recent concussion.

One day after the team announced that Griffin was cleared to play, the Redskins released a statement reversing course from NFL independent neurologist Robert N. Kurtzke:

"Per discussion with Neuropsychologists and with Anthony Casolaro M.D., we had anticipated yesterday that the patient would be cleared for full participation in gameplay this weekend; however, upon further scrutiny today of the neuropsychology data, I agree with the neuropsychologist that he should be held from gameplay this weekend and be retested in one-two weeks before a firm conclusion to return to gameplay can be made," the statement reads.

The news is the latest twist in a confusing week for Griffin. The fourth-year quarterback was back at practice in team drills Sunday, just three days after coach Jay Gruden said Griffin suffered a concussion during the first half of a 21-17 win over the Detroit Lions. When speaking to reporters Thursday, Griffin declined to say whether he even had a concussion. The Redskins then released a statement Thursday saying that Griffin was cleared to play in the third preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens before this latest turn of events.

In an interview taped with NFL Network's Dan Hellie Friday afternoon before this news broke, Gruden was asked if Griffin was cleared.

"He is cleared from all the doctors, the neurologists -- they've been cleared," Gruden said. "We still want to talk to the player and make sure he is ready to go mentally and our trainers make sure they feel like he is ready to go also. Being cleared by the doctor does not mean the player is feeling 100 percent, so we gotta make sure he feels ready to go to."

The key quote in the latest statement by the Redskins was that Griffin will be "retested in one-two weeks." That raises questions about his availability for the start of the regular season. In the meantime, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy will try to take Griffin's job. It will be Cousins who gets the first opportunity Saturday as the starter, according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, per a source informed of the team's thinking.

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