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RGIII: I'm worried about this year, not next

Robert Griffin III knows his future in Washington boils down to how he handles life under center come September.

"I'm not worried about next year," Griffin told reporters Monday, per CSN Washington. "I'm worried about this year."

The Redskins quarterback spoke with optimism about a second season in coach Jay Gruden's offense, saying "you definitely feel a difference" by sticking with the program.

"The more familiarity you can have with the coaches, the system, the better," said RGIII. "You see the Tom Bradys, the Aaron Rodgers, the Peyton Mannings of this league, (they've had) the same coaches, the same system and they can grow within that system -- and that's what we're looking to build."

Redskins wideout DeSean Jackson told ESPN 980 last week, per The Washington Post, that this year's attack was about "really going back to what (Griffin's) good at doing," adding: "Whatever that is, hopefully we're able to get back to that and let him get comfortable."

Griffin wouldn't give anything away, but he didn't dismiss Jackson's hints of a scheme dotted with RGIII-esque plays.

"I'm not here to give away secrets or anything like that," Griffin said. "I look forward to playing football to the best of my ability, and the best of our team's ability. Coach is going to put us in situations to help us succeed. That's what it's about. What we do well is what we're going to do."

Gruden recently said that he expects "big things" from his young quarterback. If the coach is going out of his way to draw up plays for Griffin, he and the passer are in a better place than they were last autumn, when Gruden seemed all but done with RGIII.

We can spend next offseason wondering if the 'Skins will follow through on Griffin's $16.1 million 2016 option, which is only guaranteed for injury.

The more pressing question is whether scheme tweaks will fix what we saw last year from RGIII: A quarterback hampered by slow decision-making from the pocket and lacking the speed he brought into the league in 2012. Better game tape is required before we buy into talk of a new creation in the nation's capital.

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