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RGIII: 'I'm not the person people made me out to be'

Robert Griffin III knows he'll start winning in Washington again.

But when he does, he'll know exactly who supported him through this rough patch and who didn't.

"People want you to be a certain person, and it's unfortunate for them that I'm not the person they made me out to be," Griffin said in a sit down with The Washington Post. "That's why I can smile and have fun with my family and step on that football field with no worries and play like it's my last game that I'm ever gonna play every time that I'm out there on the field.

"But I know once we start winning again, the same people that have been saying negative things or trying to attack my character or my family will be the same ones saying, 'Oh, they're great people!' That's just the business, I would say. But it's not a business I want to be part of. So I'll continue to say, 'God bless,' and wish the best for people."

On Monday, Redskins GM Scot McCloughan announced that Washington will exercise the fifth-year option.

This means the team is still wide open to taking their quarterback of the future -- someone who may not be Griffin.

Still, he's talking with all the confidence of a franchise passer who has earned the benefit of the doubt. A stellar, ground-breaking rookie season would argue that he has.

A recent fallout, a coaching change and some spotty play over the past two seasons would say he has not.

In some ways, it's hard to believe we're even here. Griffin III was phenomenal in his first season and led Washington to the playoffs almost on his own.

Injuries are one thing, but was there also a drop off in confidence that contributed to a supposed regression?.

At the moment, at least, it appears like Griffin has gotten that confidence back. Fans in Washington can only hope that translates to winning again.

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